Board Members

Letter from Founder

Haiti has undergone a great devastation – such as no word can accurately describe.  Humanity was laid bare.  People from all over the Globe have organized to aid in the restoration of Haiti. There are many pieces to the puzzles needed to rebuilding Haiti. “Bread For Haiti” was founded to focus and provide one of the pieces – Education for the children of Haiti.

I have witnessed firsthand the shambles that is Haiti. I am from Haiti and spent my early formative years there.  I had the blessing of returning to Haiti as a physician following the earthquake.  I worked with a group of U.S. based volunteer health providers.  Suffice it to say it was heart wrenching.  It was this experience that precipitated my resolve to form “Bread for Haiti” with sole purpose of building Schools in Haiti.

So I plead to all the well wishers to support me in making this endeavor a success.

Board Members

Marie Jean-Paul, MD
Founder and Board Chairman

Elizabeth Brown, JD
Board Member and Secretary

Ashley Fox
Board Member

Lisa Fumich, RN
Board Member and Chair of Fundraising Committee

Dee Haman, PA
Board Member and Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee

Elsa Malcolm, MD
Board Member

Nakiisa Rogers, MD
Board Member

Chichi Ugwanyi, RN, JD
Board Member and Treasurer

Mahalia Metayer
Adviser and Board member

Josette Paris
Adviser and Board member

Marie Eva Eliazar Loture
Adviser and Board member